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型番:86120B メーカー: 商品コード:L003104

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 86120B Michelson Interferometer Based Wavelength and Optical Power Meter


パルスの最大繰返し: < 100Hz - 1000Hz
単位: Watts,Joules,dBm
テクノロジー: Thermopile,Integrated Meter / Monitor,Integrating Sphere,Si Photodiode,InGaAs Photodiode,Ge Photodiode,Pyroelectric

Product Overview:
These Agilent multi-wavelength meters are Michelson interferometer based instruments that measure wavelength and optical power of laser light over a specified wavelength range. Simultaneous measurements of multiple laser lines are performed allowing measurements of DWDM signals and multiple lines of Fabry-Perot lasers. Additional features of the wavemeter include Power offset, power bars (on or off), user adjustable peak excursion and peak threshold, user adjustable start and stop wavelength limits, graphical display, save and recall instrument states. Wavelength measurement from 700nm-1650nm with accuracy of +/- 3ppm.

– 10 GHz for the 86120B,
– 5 GHz for the 86120C and
– 2.5 GHz for the 86122C

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