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型番:LC-LMD-650-02-T60、LC-LMD-650-07-T60、LC-LMD-650-01-T60-AX メーカー:LASER COMPONENTS GmbH 商品コード:L003694

650nm / 60℃ Dot Laser Modules

波長: 645nm-660nm
出力: 0.5mW-1mW
電流: 15mA-35mA
電圧: 2.5V-3.3V

< Description >
With the LC LMD series LASER COMPONENTS introduces new low cost laser modules into the OEM market.
The absolutely smallest modules in the world contain the laser diode, drive electronics, and optics all in a metal housing. They can be operated directly with 3 VDC without additional electronics. The integrated APC (automatic power control) electronics allow the laser diode to be operated automatically in the working point with the desired output power, increasing the life expectancy of the module.
The smallest modules have a diameter of only 3.3 mm at a length of just 7 mm.
In total, dot lasers with a collimated or focusable beam at 635/650 nm are available for selection in twelve different kinds of housings.
LC LMD modules are the right choice if you are looking for an easy and inexpensive solution in large quantities. Typical applications for these laser diode modules are consumer products.

< Features >
・APC (auto power control) IC inside
・Low current consumption of the APC circuit
・Surge current protection
・High quality lens for output beam
・Operating temperature up to 60℃
・Much smaller LD module
・The output beam is aligned to the center-line of the module, the tolerance is less than 0.6℃

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