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型番:592T メーカー:Analog Modules 商品コード:L003659


重さ: Igniter PCB 2 lbs. (0.9 kg) 、Transformer (-45) 4.45 lbs. (2.02 kg)

The Model 592T CW Arc Lamp Igniter Module is designed to meet the European Medical Equipment Standard, EN60601-1. The Model 592T igniter provides 1000 VDC from an on-board capacitor reservoir to assist in the ignition of CW arc lamps. Simultaneously, the module provides 775 V, 300 mJ pulses to energize a series or parallel/external trigger transformer. The 592T is designed to derive its input power from AMI’s 590 Series of CW power modules, but it can also be supplied by a outside AC source. When a trigger pulse is applied to a trigger transformer and initiates lamp conduction, the 1000 VDC applied across the lamp slowly discharges, maintaining lamp conduction until the 590 Series power modules can sustain a regulated arc.

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