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型番:PLDD-50-SP メーカー:Analog Modules 商品コード:L003653


電流: 25A-50A
パルス幅: 5 ns

The PLDD-50-SP is a compact all solid-state, pulsed current source designed to drive single or multichip laser diodes. The unit features a peak current of 50A. The pulse repetition frequency can be varied from single shot to 15kHz at maximum current. Higher repetition frequency is possible at lower current, see graph on the PDF. The current monitor output may be viewed with an oscilloscope (>200MHz recommended) allowing the user a real time view of the load current. Mounting holes are supplied which accept the most common laser diode packages (5.6 mm, 9 mm, TO-18, TO-5 and TO-52). This allows the light to exit normal to the driver; however, edge mounting of these laser diodes can also be accommodated. Two power supplies are required: +12 to +28VDC at 10mA and a +350VDC (max) at 6mA (average current depends on rep rate).

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