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型番:940nm fiber coupled laser diodes メーカー:AeroDIODE 商品コード:L003563

940nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

波長: 935nm-945nm
出力: 250mW-200W
電流: 400mA-14A
電圧: 1.7V-35V
パッケージ: Butterfly package

These fiber-coupled 940nm laser diodes are offered as stock items or associated with a CW or Pulsed Laser Diode Driver. They are compatible with our high speed nanosecond pulsed drivers or high power CW drivers with air cooling for the multimode high power laser diode versions.
The single mode 940 nm laser diodes can reach high power in nanosecond pulse regime up to 400 mW. Most Turn-key diode + driver solutions are optimized for single-shot to CW performances with pulse width lengths down to 1 nanosecond. The 940 nm laser diode precision pulses are generated internally by an on-board pulse generator, or on demand from an external TTL signal. 5 multimode versions are offered for CW emission up to 200 W in a 200 µm core multimode fiber or up to 150 W in a 105 µm core fiber.

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