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型番:Necsel NovaTru™ Chroma 780 メーカー:Necsel Communication&Instrumentation Systems, Inc. 商品コード:L003316

Necsel NovaTru™ Chroma 780 Wavelength Stabilized Laser

出力: 20mW-50mW
ビーム径: 1 x 5 mm
拡がり角: 0.8 x 1.3 mrad

These stabilized lasers combine high performance fiber optic packaging and compact laser drive circuit design for rapid integration into flow cytometers, interferometers, spectral instruments or laboratory research setups where reliable, stable single-mode laser performance is required. The integrated driver circuitry is versatile enough for many other potential sources as well.

High Power Single Mode Performance
VBG Wavelength Stability
Ultra Stable Output Power
Fully Integrated OEM Solution
Very Low Power Consumption
Collimated or Fiber Coupled Output
User Selectable Control Options
Compact, Small Box Design

Raman Spectroscopy
Flow Cytometry
Confocal Microscopy
Fluorescence Excitation
HeNe Replacement

< Operating Specifications >
Spectral linewidth:TYPICAL < 50MHz
Wavelength stability:TYPICAL +/- 5pm
ASE suppression (typical)**:TYPICAL 40dB
Optical power stability:TYPICAL +/- 1% pk-pk
Noise (10Hz–100MHz):TYPICAL < 0.2% rms
Modulation-digital (typical):10kHz
Power adjustability:MIN50% MAX 100%

< Free Space Optical Specifications >
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) vertical:TYPICAL1.2
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) horizontal:TYPICAL 1.1
Beam diameter vertical:TYPICAL 1mm
Beam diameter hortizontal:TYPICAL 5mm
Beam divergence—vertical:TYPICAL 0.8mrad
Beam divergence—horizontal:TYPICAL 1.3mrad
Beam Pointing Stability:TYPICAL< 50µrad
Polarization ratio:TYPICAL 100:1linear

< Electrical Specifications >
DC input (max):TYPICAL 2A @ 3.3V
Warm-up time :TYPICAL < 5min
Power consumption:TYPICAL 5W
Case temperature:MIN -15℃ MAX 40°C
Humidity (non-condensing):MIN 5% MAX 95%

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