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型番:ALC-1320-04500-CMT メーカー:Akela Laser Corporation 商品コード:L003260

1320±10nm / 4.5W High Power Diode Laser: C-mount

波長: 1310nm-1330nm
出力: 4.5W-
電流: 9.0A-9.0A
電圧: -1.5V
パッケージ: C-mount

The C-mount is an ideal component for quick prototyping and laboratory setups. However, the maximum output power is typically limited by the inherently sub-optimal heat dissipation properties of the C-mount itself. Please contact us to discuss the best package option for your application.

Material Processing

Wavelength Tolerance ±10 nm
Spectral Width (FWHM) 10.0 nm
Wavelength Temp. Coefficient 0.5 nm/°C
Output Power >4.5 W
Operating Voltage <1.5 V
Threshold Current 0.7 A
Emitter Width 100 µm
Beam Divergence (Fast axis) 34 degrees
Beam Divergence (Slow axis), 95% 8 degrees

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