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型番:SF6100 メーカー: 商品コード:L002836

High Voltage 40 Volt, 20 Amp CW Laser Diode Driver for Multi-Single Emitters and High Compliance Voltage Lasers

メーカー希望小売価格: $480.00 電流: 20A-20A
電圧: 40V-40V

Product Overview:
These 40 Volt high performance OEM laser diode drivers are the ideal choice for next generation multi-single emitter pump laser diodes in the 808nm to 980nm near IR range. These CW drivers offer a very small form factor and high reliability. They are used to power high compliance voltage devices which typically require 15 to 40 Volts and have multiple singe emitters connected in series. These next generation pumps from companies such as Lumentum, BWT, II-VI and IPG Photonics.

These drivers offer user-set current limit in additional to multiple levels of protection for you laser diode. Other key protection features include a user adjustable driver current limit, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and protection against reverse current transients. These current sources offer an analog voltage control input as well as RS232 digital interface.

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