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型番:Necsel NovaTru™ Chroma 647 メーカー:Necsel Communication&Instrumentation Systems, Inc. 商品コード:L003196

Necsel NovaTru™ Chroma 647 Wavelength Stabilized Laser

出力: 200mW-300mW
ビーム径: 1 x 5 mm
拡がり角: 1 x 5 deg

This stabilized, narrow linewidth laser source is ideally suited for Raman spectroscopy. The small size, turn-key operation and simple interface also makes it a great choice for industrial, military and security applications.

VBG Wavelength Stability
Compact, Small Box Design
Low Power Consumption
Digital & Analog Control Functions
Free-space or Fibered Outputs

Raman Spectroscopy
Particle Sizing & Counting
Flow Cytometry

< Operating Specifications >
Spectral linewidth:TYPICAL 1.3cm-1
Wavelength stability:TYPICAL +/- 5pm
ASE suppression (typical)**:TYPICAL 40dB
Optical power stability:TYPICAL < 1% pk-pk
Noise (10Hz–100MHz):TYPICAL < 0.25%rms
Modulation-analog (typical):NA
Modulation-digital (typical):NA
Power adjustability:MIN 5% MAX 100%

< Free Space Optical Specifications >
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) vertical:TYPICAL 1.2
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) horizontal:NA
Beam diameter vertical:TYPICAL 1mm
Beam diameter hortizontal:TYPICAL 5mm
Beam divergence—vertical:TYPICAL 1deg
Beam divergence—horizontal:TYPICAL 5deg
Polarization ratio:TYPICAL 100:1linear

< Electrical Specifications >
DC input (max):TYPICAL 2A @ 5V
Warm-up time :MIN 5sec MAX 10sec
Power consumption:MIN 6W MAX 9W
Case temperature:MIN -20℃ MAX 50°C
Humidity (non-condensing):MIN5% MAX95%

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