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型番:BIM6000102 メーカー: 商品コード:L003100

Affordable, Compact CCD Fiber Optic Spectrometer, ≤1nm Spectral Accuracy, 400nm - 1100nm Range


パルスの最大繰返し: < 100Hz - 1000Hz
単位: Watts,Joules,dBm
テクノロジー: Thermopile,Integrated Meter / Monitor,Integrating Sphere,Si Photodiode,InGaAs Photodiode,Ge Photodiode,Pyroelectric

Product Overview:
These affordable, high accuracy spectrometers are based on industry leading high quality core components. The core components include the grating, Toshiba detector, high-order diffraction filter
and the column lens. The optical design and software can be customized on request to fit OEM requirements. Software development kits and technical support are available. These fiber optic spectrometers can be easily integrated into a variety of spectral measurement applications and systems due their compact size as well as their supporting external trigger synchronization capabilities.
The BIM series spectrometers have been used in hundreds of measurement applications including environmental monitoring, light source / LED / and laser measurement, material optical properties measurement, material analysis, and Raman analysis. Other applications include biomedical testing and other OEM product integration. Spectrometers are the fundamental measurement instrument used in spectroscopy. With the extensive emerging applications in spectroscopy, these products are now are used in more advanced fields such as color measurement, chemical concentration measurement and radiation analysis. For more detailed information and related accessories, please refer to the application section of the full catalog (request). Fiber optic spectrometers are composed of an entrance slit, a collimator, a dispersion element (grating or prism), a focusing optical system and a detector. The BIM series spectrometer uses a crossed Czerny-turner optical structure. The system design is simple and compact. The light is incident from the slit and collimated through the mirror, and the parallel light is incident on the grating and is incident on the mirror by the grating, and is focused on the CCD. The light signal then becomes and electrical signals.

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