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型番: メーカー: 商品コード:L003098

Laser Beam Profiler, 8µm-12µm


パルスの最大繰返し: < 100Hz - 1000Hz
単位: Watts,Joules,dBm
テクノロジー: Thermopile,Integrated Meter / Monitor,Integrating Sphere,Si Photodiode,InGaAs Photodiode,Ge Photodiode,Pyroelectric

IR laser beam profiler from Cingoy can measure both CW and pulsed laser output beams. FireWire connection to the CCD profiler allows fast data acquisition and high resolution. Use of 14 bit A/D and 640 x 480 pixel camera provides a high resolution measurement for laser beams. Laser beam profiler works over the wavelength range of 8µm - 12µm with a large aperture up to 20 mm for lasers beam measurement between 1 mm to 10 mm.

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