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型番:OPM150 メーカー:Artifex Engineering 商品コード:L003032

Power Monitor OPM150 Complete System

波長: 190nm-2200nm
パルスの最大繰返し: < 100Hz - 1000Hz
光パワー: 0.5nW-1.5mW
単位: Watts

< Complete Set >
Optical power monitor with detector head and accessories as a flexible solution for the lab!

< Description >
・OPM150 Base Module
・Free beam detector head (either Si or Ge)
・FC Fibre Adapter
・Two calibrated Attenuation Filters (OD1 and OD2)
・USB cable
・USB stick with software and documentation

< Option >
・Free beam detector head (either Si or Ge)

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