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型番:760-57 メーカー: 商品コード:L003020

Pulsed Laser Diode Driver with 2 Amp Current Range and 12 Watt Temperature Controller


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Product Overview:
The Model 760-57 is a compact 2.0A peak laser diode driver with proportional current control. The
pulse width is variable from 20ns to CW and the output current transitions at a rate of >1A/5ns. The
board will accept a 14-pin butterfly package and includes a TEC controller. The driver will accept a back
facet monitor output and provide a digital laser fire indicator pulse. The laser diode (LOAD) is isolated
from the power input terminals, so a non-isolated power supply is acceptable. A potentiometer
adjustable trickle current up to 60mA is generated internally to keep the laser pre-biased. The driver is
delivered as an OEM PCB assembly attached to a heatsink with all required mating cables.

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