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型番:LDC-3724C メーカー: 商品コード:L002930

LDC-3724 Series, "C" Version, ILX Lightwave, 500mA Current with 32 Watts TEC Power, Laser Diode Controller


メーカー希望小売価格: $4,445.00 電流: 500mA-500mA

Product Overview:
The LDC-3724 "C" series from ILX Lightwave is the newest generation of high stability precision laser diode controllers. Multiple layers of laser diode protection ensure that your device is protected and an ultra-stable temperature control loop provides fast and efficient heat management for the laser diode under test. The LDC-3724 "C" models are designed for low and medium power semiconductor lasers. They offer precision current and temperature control, and the user can choose from a dual range current source of either 200 mA or 500mA output to the laser under test. These 3724 series controllers also deliver a 32 Watt hybrid PI control loop for temperature control. Independent power supplies for both the current output to the laser and the current output to the TEC loop provide clean and highly isolated power to protect the semiconductor laser. ILX Lightwave’s well known laser diode protection circuits include slow start current ramp and adjustable current limit / voltage limit as well as power surge and brown out protection. An fast setting front panel interface and GPIB interface make these units simple to set up and use.
The LDC-3724 series laser diode controllers is the legacy flagship model of the industries' leading family of high performance controllers designed specifically for semiconductor lasers. These units are microprocessor based bench-top instruments that are know throughout the photonic's industry for their high stability and their low noise performance. 32W TEC controller specifically designed for
controlling the current and temperature of laser diodes. These controllers are known throughout the industry for their reliability, precision, and ease-of-use. The LDC 3724 is manufactured by ILX Lightwave, and fulfilled worldwide by Laser Lab Source. Please contact us today to discuss your application or for a price quotation

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