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型番: メーカー:TOPTICA Photonics AG 商品コード:L000029

371nm - 515nm Laser Diodes

波長: 371nm-515nm
出力: 200mW-200mW
パッケージ: TO-can
テクノロジー: Fabry-Perot

371nm-515nm FABRY-PEROT LASER DIODES from Toptica: The data sheet attached states the following features and specifications: The wavelength is measured under standard working conditions (25°C, maximum power). It can shift to a shorter wavelength at lower temperature and less current. The wavelength of diodes marked "not selected" is specified to the precision of the manufacturing process (typically +-5nm) and is not measured for the individual diode. WL and P indicate the wavelength and power of the free running diode. WLmin , WLmax, MHFTR, Pdl specify the performance achieved in our external cavity diode laser product DL 100 for shortest wavelength, longest wavelength, mode-hop free tuning range and output power, respectively. All diodes operate in single transverse mode. They are shipped in industrial standard packages (5.6 mm or 9 mm can) unless mentioned otherwise.

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