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型番: メーカー:M Squared Lasers Ltd.  商品コード:L002724

Femtosecond Laser, 720nm-980nm, 1W

波長: 720nm-980nm
出力: 1.5W-1.5W
テクノロジー: Ti: Saphhire Laser

Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser from M-Squared Lasers has the following features hands free operation, ultra compact footprint, sealed, alignment & maintenance-free laser head and onboard spectrometer. Ethernet control with included netbook allows for remote laser control. Femtosecond tunable laser with high stability excellent beam quality with M2<1.1. Careful attention design provides exceptionally low RMS noise output of <0.1% and high power stability of < ± 0.25%. Tunable laser over a wavelength range of 720nm to 980nm with maximum output up to 1.5 watts.

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