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型番:AMNLS001 メーカー: 商品コード:L002497

Turn-Key Fiber Laser, 1550nm Ultra-Narrow Linewidth, 2 Watts of Output Power, Laboratory Research Instrument

メーカー希望小売価格: Request Price 波長: 1550nm-1550nm
出力: 2W-2W
テクノロジー: Fiber Laser

Product Overview:
Benchtop Fiber Laser for Research and Development
These 1550nm Fiber Lasers are ultra-high stability, high output power narrow linewidth light sources based on the Redfern Integrated Optics high performance external cavity laser. These turn-key microprocessor controlled benchtop units provide full control over the power as well as wavelength tuning through an easy to use front panel or remote I/O. The user has the ability to tune the output profile by adjusting the internal pump current settings and can tune the center wavelength. These 1550nm fiber lasers are offered with a full two year warranty. They are designed to give researchers flexibility for testing in application areas such as sensing and LiDAR.

Flexible 1550nm Fiber Laser Controls
These high power sources come with a menu driven front panel interface for the user to view the current set point for each pump laser as well as the absolute output power. Both parameters can be adjusted. Also, user safety is accommodated by a key-lock front panel power switch as well as a rear panel safety interlock. Fast control loops for each of the pump lasers ensure that they are shut-down in the event of an over temperature event. The unit can be controlled by RS232 interface. LabView based control software is included in your shipment. An ethernet interface can be added on request. The front panel has an FC/APC connector terminating a single mode fiber.

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