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型番:RO Series メーカー:Ondax, Inc. 商品コード:L000697

Single Frequency Collimated Output Beam

メーカー希望小売価格: Request Price 波長: 633nm-808nm
出力: 150mW-150mW
スペクトル幅: < 500kHz
テクノロジー: narrow linewidth laser

Product Overview:
633nm-808nm : Ondax’s RO Series Single Frequency 633nm to 808nm laser diode modules are Collimated Laser Modules which integrate our SureLock™ wavelength-stabilized lasers with active TEC cooling and precision current control circuitry into a compact, cylindrical package. Designed for easy mounting and integration, this rugged self-contained module is ideal for incorporation into precision instrumentation or for laboratory applications. The built-in temperature controller maintains the laser diode temperature within ±0.01°C, resulting in excellent power stability that varies less than 1% over the long term. The RO Laser Diode Module is available in wavelengths from 633nm to 808nm to suit any application.

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