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型番:ATLEX-1000-I メーカー:ATL Lasertechnik GmbH 商品コード:L003806

1kHz Excimer Laser: ATLEX-1000-I

波長: 193nm-248nm
出力: 8W-10W
パルスの最大繰返し: < 100Hz - 1000Hz
エネルギー: 10mJ-15mJ
パルス幅: 5 – 8 ns
ビーム径: (V x H) 4 x 6 mm
拡がり角: (V x H) 1 x 2 mrad
エネルギー安定性: < 3 %
重さ: 60 kg
冷却方法: Cooling Air / Optional Liquid

The brand new 1kHz version of the field proven ATLEX-I laser

【Main features】

Soft corona preionization
HV-solid state pulser
Laser head volume < 3l
TMC (Total-Metal-Ceramic) Vessel
Integrated vacuum pump & halogen filter
Air Cooled / Optional Liquid Cooled
RS-485, RS232, USB and fiber optic Interface for system integration
Flushable optics holder
Energy stabilization mode
Dynamic fan speed controls
Meets European CE-standard
RoHS compliance


Gas Medium: ArF, KrF
High Voltage Switching Technique: Solid State Switch
Max. Rep Rate: 1000Hz
Power requirement: 230 VAC / 10 A / 1 phase / 50-60 Hz


Laser ablation
Medicine (refractive surgery)

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