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型番: メーカー:Focuslight Technologies Inc. 商品コード:L003759

AR Coated Fiber

< AR Coated Fiber >
・Applicable for coupling transmission of fiber laser pumping, flexible transmission of industrial lasers, coupling transmission of medical lasers, and more
・Special grinding process ensures no scratches in the fiber core or crushing on the edge
・Cleanliness of side and bottom are assured with high efficient cleaning process and high resolution microscope
・Smart fixture design with integrated coating and cleaning set prevents pollution in the production process

< Key Specifications >
・Bare Fiber: YOFC, BrightCore, Nufern, or customizable
・Fiber Core(µm): 105/125, 135/155, 200/220, or customizable
・Fiber Length: Customizable(±5mm)
・Fiber Tip Stripped Length: 6±5mm, or customizable
・Coated Parameter: Anti-Reflection Coating, Reflection Rate <5% @790~990nm, or customizable

< Applications >
・Fiber Laser Pumping Components

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