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型番:Necsel NovaTru™ Power 515 メーカー:Necsel Communication&Instrumentation Systems, Inc. 商品コード:L003592

Necsel NovaTru™ Power 515 Power Stabilized Laser Module

出力: 8mW-25mW
ビーム径: 1.8 x 0.6 mm
拡がり角: 0.8 x 1.3 mrad

This laser module offers ultra stable power performance with VBG locked-on linewidth and/or precise power control in the same compact footprint as our other NovaTru modules. It’s also available in multimode and single mode versions.

Ultra Stable Output Power
Compact, Small Box Design
Low Power Consumption
Power Stabilized to <0.4%

Raman Excitation
Flow Cytometry
Semiconductor Processing

< Operating Specifications >
Spectral linewidth:TYPICAL 1-2nm
Wavelength stability (over 8 hours):TYPICAL +/- 1nm
Optical power stability (over 8 hours):TYPICAL <0.4% pk-pk
Noise (10Hz–100MHz):TYPICAL < 0.2%rms
Adjustable Output Power:TYPICAL 10-90%
Beam quality (m^2 typical) vertical:TYPICAL 1.2
Beam quality (m^2 typical) horizontal:TYPICAL 1.1
Beam size vertical:TYPICAL 1.8mm
Beam size horizontal:TYPICAL 0.6mm
Beam aspect ratio:TYPICAL 3
Beam divergence—vertical:TYPICAL 0.8mrad
Beam divergence—horizontal:TYPICAL 1.3mrad
Beam pointing stability (over 8 hours):TYPICAL < 50µrad
Beam pointing accuracy:TYPICAL 1degrees
Polarization ratio:TYPICAL 100:1linear

< Electrical Specifications >
Case temperature:TYPICAL 10-40°C
Humidity (non-condensing):TYPICAL 5-95%
DC input 1:TYPICAL 0.5A @ 9V
DC input 2:TYPICAL 2A @ 3V
Warm-up time (typical):TYPICAL 10sec
Power consumption (typical/max):< 12W

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