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型番:Shaper-Direct、Shaper-External メーカー:AeroDIODE 商品コード:L003580

High speed laser diode driver with user-design nanosecond pulse shape

メーカー希望小売価格: Shaper-Direct ¥760,739 / Shaper-External ¥760,739 電流: 1.6A-3.5A

This high speed laser diode driver can generate any programmable pulse shape with down to 500 picosecond and 48 dB dynamic range. It includes many functionalities like gain switch peak suppression and 3 synchronized pulse delay generators.

This high speed driver with integrated TEC controller delivers precision nanosecond pulses which are generated internally by an on-board AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator). It is compatible with most of the laser diode form factors (Butterfly, TO etc.). Direct laser diode modulation is an alternative to EOM or AOM external modulation.

< High speed laser diode driver KEY FEATURES >
・Direct modulation of nanosecond laser pulses with any shape
・Built-in pulse AWG with internal or remote triggering
・0 to 1.6 A output current with 16 bit/48 dB/30 μA resolution
・Integrated TEC controller with over temperature protection
・A special thermal interface is included which do not require any thermal grease
・Special mode for laser diode “gain switch peak” suppression
・Two versions for either direct modulation or external modulation
・3 Integrated Pulse Delay Generators
・GUI software and several libraries software integration (LabVIEW, DLLs, Hexa, Python)

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