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型番:V-488-20-2 メーカー:vortex photonics 商品コード:L003498

488nm / m=2 Vortex Lens - Spiral Phase Plate (22x22x2.5 mm)

波長: 488nm-
材質: fused silica
コーティング: なし

Vortex Lenses / Spiral Phase Plates 一覧はこちら
The vortex lens, which is also known as a spiral phase plate or a vortex phase plate, transforms an incident Gaussian laser beam profile to a doughnut shaped beam profile or so called optical vortex. Most important properties of a vortex lens are: accordance to the wavelength, topological charge and amount of steps. Our vortex lenses show a very small deviation from the theoretical height (usually ± 5nm), which leads to a high correspondence with the applicable laser wavelength. The topological charge effects the orbital momentum of the resulting doughnut beam. We cover topological charges in a range of 1 to 32 (higher topological charges are also possible). A higher amount of steps of a vortex lens result in a darker center region of the doughnut beam, this parameter is crucial for several applications of the vortex lens, such as STED, MINFLUX, atomic and molecular excitation, optical vortex coronagraphs, nano-lithography, laser cutting and machinery, data transfer and optical tweezers manipulations. Our vortex lenses posses 64 steps and we plan to build stepless spiral phase plates in near future.

< Specification >
Transmission: 93.14%
Topological charge: m=2
Number of sectors: equal to topological charge
Number of steps: 64 per sector
Measured total depth: ±5 nm to theoretical
Coating: none, custom coating options

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