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型番:LDTC2/2 メーカー: 商品コード:L002946

Laser Diode Controller, 2.2 Amp Laser Diode Current Source with 60 Watt Temperature Controller, Chassis Mount Footprint

メーカー希望小売価格: $464.00 電流: 2.2A-2.2A

Product Overview:
These model LDTC2/2 chassis mount laser diode controllers from Wavelength Electronics can be used as a low cost laboratory controller module or as an OEM controller for product integration. These very affordable controller modules include many layers of protection to your device under test. This low noise, high stability controller precisely powers your laser and provides excellent thermal stability. The TEC controller can sense and control with either thermistors or IC style sensors such as AD590 RTD's.

Slow start ramping circuitry protects your laser diode from current / voltage overshoots, and user set current limits offer additional protection. User set temperature limits protect your device from thermal damage. Current setpoint and limits are set by using on-board trim potentiometers. Setpoint can also be set remotely. The temperature controller can be configured either by on-board trim pots or remotely.

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