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型番:LTC-1141 メーカー: 商品コード:L002944

1500mA, 84Watt TEC, Quantum Cascade Laser Controller from Meerstetter Engineering

メーカー希望小売価格: Request Price 電流: 1.5A-1.5A

Product Overview:
The LTC-1141 is a Quantum Cascade Laser Diode Driver with Integrated TEC Controller. It contains a highly flexible, ultra-fast Laser Diode Driver (LDD) especially. It offers high-speed processing and data analysis thanks to a combination of programmable logic and processor as well as 512 MB RAM.
The LTC-1141 is a low noise QCL driver with integrated TEC controller (based on TEC-1091). The core of the LTC-1141 consists of a system on chip featuring high-performance processing capabilities in combination with fast DAC, ADC and memory. This allows fast modulation, sampling as well as onboard data processing. Laser diode cooling is managed by the onboard TEC controller featuring high-temperature stability and high measurement precision.
The LTC-1141 QCL controller is available in a standard version with configuration options or as a fully customized version. The LTC-1141 with standard firmware has laser diode current measurement range using the ADC is selectable (see ordering information). The customized LTC-1141 has a custom user application on FPGA and processor using subsystems, communication, onboard processing and measurement can be implemented. All onboard control and measurement values are available.
Some features of the LTC-1141 include operation control and monitoring, limits and error management, charting functions for LDD and TEC controller, digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with trigger, auto tuning of PID values (only TEC controller), custom current waveforms using signal generator and lookup tables.

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