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型番:LDC-SLT01 メーカー: 商品コード:L002929

Low Noise Laser Diode Controller, Optimized for DFB's, High Resolution Controller with GPIB and USB Interface

メーカー希望小売価格: $2,630.00 電流: 500mA-500mA

Product Overview:
The PilotPC Laser Driver from Sacher LaserTechnik is a highly precise laser diode controller which has been optimized for DFB laser diodes. Theses laser drivers are managed by a 16 Bit u-controller with internal flash memory. The main focus when designing these drivers was to give the customer a very low noise laser current source. The output power stage of the laser driver is not designed with switch-mode power supply technology. This design choice causes some additional thermal power losses and makes a internal fan necessary. But the result is a sub-microamp levels of noise and ripple for high stability performance from your laser diode. For automated control, a GPIB/IEEE-488.2 , an RS232 and a USB interface allows remote programming and readout from your PC. All instrument functions accessible from the front panel are also accessible through the interface bus, allowing control or testing of the laser system. In addition, a LabVIEW® instrument drivers are available free upon request. For quick and easy operation without confusing multilayer menus, the front panel of the PilotPC is divided into two major sections, TEC and LASER Control. The display section allows monitoring of control parameters for the TEC (Thermo electric cooler) and laser diode. The PilotPC incorporates proven laser protection features, including exclusive clamping current limits, output shorting circuits and slow-start turn-on. In addition, power-line transients are suppressed with AC line filters.

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