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型番:OSTLDC014 メーカー: 商品コード:L002852

Precision Laser Driver, 14 Amps of Current with 24 Volts Compliance Voltage

メーカー希望小売価格: $1,895 電流: 14A-14A
電圧: 24V-24V

Product Overview:
These high performance laser drivers offer up to 14 Amps and 24 Volts and is optimized for multi-emitter laser diodes requiring higher compliance voltage. They are also designed for driving laser diodes in a series mode. They offer a t-Rise and t-Fall of ~25µs. Also, these units offer both analog or digital modulation and have an integrated internal pulse generator. The pulse mode is capable of delivering and supporting continuous pulses, single pulses and pulse bursts which are internally or externally triggered. These DS11 series controllers also offer an external fan support 12V, 800mA for conductively cooled devices requiring a fan based heat sink. The photodiode current is 4mA for operating in Constant Optical Power Mode of operation. Additionlly, these units offer multiple laser diode safety features such as fast shut-down transient protection, current limit, slow-start circuits and temperature shut-down limits.

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