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型番:SHS-4500 メーカー: 商品コード:L002850

Low Cost, 0 ~ 4.5 Amp PCB Mounted Laser Diode Driver Circuit

メーカー希望小売価格: $65.95 電流: 4.5A-4.5A

Product Overview:
Instructions for setting the current bias to the the laser diode follows: First set the potentiometers BIAS and GAIN by turning the screws counterclockwise (25 turns) to zero. Then connect the laser diode to the LD connector at the bottom of the driver board. Next, set the supply voltage to 3-24VDC. Pay attention to the red marked text below for choosing the right voltage. After choosing the voltage, connect the power supply to the Vin connector. After connecting the power supply, connect the modulation source to the connector named MOD. You can then set the modulation voltage to 0.2 to 0.3 VDC. Now you can set the BIAS current turning the screw of the BIAS potentiometer clockwise until the threshold current of the laser diode is reached and it starts to lase. Set the modulation voltage to 5VDC. Now you can set the GAIN current by turning the screw of the GAIN potentiometer clockwise until the maximum working current is reached. Refer tot the data sheet attached for the final steps and for more information.

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