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型番:OSTCS005 メーカー: 商品コード:L002847

High Power OsTech Laser Diode Driver / Current Source with CW and QCW Modes of Operation

メーカー希望小売価格: $2,485.00 電流: 80A-80A

Product Overview:
These high power OsTech laser diode drivers / current sources are a high precision and cost effective solution for driving diode lasers in both CW and QCW modes of operation. This model supports a broad range of different voltages and currents, from mA to hundreds of Amps.
This precision laser current source has been optimized for high power devices. It offers both analog or digital modulation and has an integrated internal pulse generator.  The pulse mode feature is capable of delivering and supporting continuous pulses, single pulses and pulse bursts which are internally or externally triggered.
These drivers offers multiple safety features designed to protect your device under test, such as fast shut-down transient protection, current limit, slow-start circuits and temperature limits.
OsTech supplies world leading laser diode control and TEC control products at different peak current and voltage ranges. All drivers offer a great variety of control options with high precision and stability as well as industry leading safety features.
This unit comes standard with both CW and pulsed modes of operation. Set and view current from the intuitive front panel, or control remotely via USB or RS-232 interface.

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