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型番:OSTCS007 メーカー: 商品コード:L002839

High Performance Benchtop Laser Diode Current Source, 120 Amp Driver

メーカー希望小売価格: $2,985.00 電流: 120A-120A
電圧: 4V-4V

Product Overview:
These affordable laser diode drivers offer a maximum output of 120 Amps, 4 Volts and can operate in high power constant current or QCW mode. They are designed to power laser bars and arrays requiring high current ranges with low voltage. These current sources also feature multiple levels of built-in laser diode protection. One of the key protecting features is a soft start ramp of the bias current to the device under test, and a current ramp down function to protect the laser from thermal shock during power down sequence. They offer uses an integrated function generator for QCW pulsing applications, but also run full power up to 120 Amps. These units come with a front panel that is easy to operate as well as both RS232 and USB digital interface. These units from OsTech are available from LaserLabSource in North America and select International regions.

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