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型番: メーカー:Coherent-ROFIN 商品コード:L002820

Fiber Laser, Picosecond, 1064nm, 20µJ

波長: 1064nm-1064nm
テクノロジー: Fiber Laser

Fiber laser from Rofin was designed for applications in marking, material removal, reducing surface roughness and precision of selective layer removal. Picosecond fiber laser is easily integrated because of a compact 19“ plug-in for the laser control unit and can be integrated with a beam expansion. The fiber laser can be controlled via USB, TC/IP or RS-422 and includes a comprehensive marking software. The laser beam quality is M2<1.6 at TEM00. The pulse repetition interval is 200kHz to 800kHz with a pulse duration of 550ps at 400kHz. Average output power is 8 watts at 400kHz. Fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm with a pulse energy of 20µJ.

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