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型番:PErL-OEM、PErL-PM、PErL-PM-SH メーカー:Avesta Project Ltd. 商品コード:L002788

PErL: Compact Femtosecond Fiber Laser

波長: 760nm-1570nm
出力: 30mW-200mW
エネルギー: 1nJ-2nJ
テクノロジー: Fiber Laser


The smallest but not the least, the PErL is an ultrafast fiber laser operating in C-band (1530-1565 nm). The rigid design of the laser ensures insensitivity to physical and vibration impact, high stability, repeatability of initial specs that is in high demand with OEM applications. There are two versions of the laser: the PErL-OEM being a cost-effective minimalistic version without linearly polarized output, and the PErL-PM version with linearly polarized output and ultra-short pulse capability.

For the PErL-OEM, the pulse duration can be ordered in the range of 250 fs...5 ps, pulse shape being close to transform-limited. The PErL laser with average power rating up to 50 mW is a nice budget-friendly solution for low-power ultrafast applications. The only thing needed for OEM operation is a power source with +5 V (the power adapter for standard 110/220 V network is supplied with the laser).

The PErL-PM features PM fiber architecture and PM fiber socket output with fiber pigtail lengths up to 1 m. An optional free-space collimator may also be supplied with the unit. The system offers pulse duration as low as 50 fs and is a versatile tool for semiconductor studies and for THz generation.

The PErL-PM-SH unit features a built-in second-harmonic generator with 780-nm output and is also available with an optional external separator unit for simultaneous fundamental/SHG outputs.

High frequency electrical output can be used as a trigger source for synchronization systems. The laser can act as a standalone pulse source, as well as operate in complex systems.


Small footprint and integrated electronics
Output power up to 200 mW, pulse energy up to 2 nJ
Near-TL pulse widths down to 50 fs with minimal pulse pedestal
Low timing jitter and integrated RF-sync output
Optional built-in SHG (780±20 nm, >40 mW, <90 fs)

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