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型番: メーカー:Clark-MXR, Inc 商品コード:L002763

Femtosecond Laser, 775nm, 1mJ

波長: 775nm-775nm

Femtosecond laser from Clark MXR. Key features of the laser include small footprint, transportable, fully-integrated plug-and-play design, and built-in electronic shutter for “pulse-on-demand” delivery of single or multiple pulses up to 64,000. The integrated computer control allows easy access from LabView, MatLab (R2009a & later), C#, and VisualBasic. For remote monitoring the femtosecond laser can interface to Apple iPod Touch. Ideal for applications in Pumping OPA (NOPA, TOPAS), Nonlinear spectroscopy and Micromachining. Pulsewidths <150fs with pulse repetition rate up to 2kHz. Clark MXR femtosecond laser with pulse energy output up to 1mJ at a wavelength of 775nm.

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