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型番: メーカー:Avesta Project Ltd. 商品コード:L002733

Femtosecond Laser, 715nm-980nm, 1500mW

波長: 715nm-980nm
出力: 1500mW-1500mW
テクノロジー: Ti: Saphhire Laser

Ti:Sapphire Laser with high average output power and broad tuning range from Avesta Laser. Key features including: Tuning range: 715nm-980 nm, Pulse duration: <100 fs, Output power up to 1.5 W (@10W pump laser), Thermostabilized main breadboard, Motorized USB wavelength tuning, Electromagnetic starter, and optional tunable fs/CW switchable regimes. The laser was designed for applications in Multiphoton microscopy, Seed oscillator for amplifer systems, Terahertz generation, "Pump-probe" spectroscopy, Material processing, and Optical coherent tomography. Avesta Laser has a maximum repetition rate of 80Mhz over a wavelength range of 715nm-980nm.

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