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型番: メーカー:Spectra-Physics 商品コード:L002728

Femtosecond Laser, 680nm-1300nm, 1W

波長: 680nm-1300nm
出力: 1000mW-1000mW

Femtosecond laser with tunable wavelength from Spectra-Physics. Laser features the broadest tuning range for deepest imaging, dual output at 1041nm for simultaneous two-photon imaging, and short pulse width and highest peak power for maximum fluorescence. Femtosecond laser has ideal beam characteristics optimized for multiphoton imaging. Applications for the Spectra-Physics laser include Multiphoton microscopy, Multimodal imaging , Optogenetics, Time-resolved photoluminescence, Non-linear spectroscopy, Optical computed tomography, Surface second harmonic generation, Terahertz imaging, and Semiconductor metrology. Pulse repetition is 80MHz at a pulse duration of 120fs. Femtosecond laser with tunable output wavelength range of 680nm to 1300nm with output powers up to 1 watt.

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