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型番: メーカー:Coherent 商品コード:L002726

Femtosecond Laser 800nm, 750mW

波長: 800nm-800nm
出力: 750mW-750mW
テクノロジー: Ti: Saphhire Laser

Ti: Sapphire Laser with femtosecond pulse output from Coherent. Compact design and high quality laser diode pump source provide long laser lifetime. Ideal for scientific or OEM applications with hands-off and turnkey operation. Femtosecond laser has a optional dual output wavelengths of 532nm and 800nm. Repetition rate is 80MHz with a pulsewidth of 100fs. Power stability is +/-1% with noise less then 0.1% (rms). Beam quality is M2<1.2 with a divergence of 1.1mrad and beam diameter of 1.75mm. Femtosecond laser average output power is 750mW at a wavelength of 800nm.

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