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型番:AMNLS012 メーカー: 商品コード:L002721

1064nm Nanosecond Pulsing Fiber Laser, 1 Watt of Output Power

メーカー希望小売価格: Request Price 出力: 1W-1W
テクノロジー: Fiber Laser

Product Overview:
These high performance 1064nm fiber lasers offer nanosecond pulse widths and up to 1 Watts of power. They are manufactured by Amonics and sold/supported through Laser Lab Source in North America. These units offer the user an alphanumeric color front panel display for setting and monitoring optical power. They also offer a user tunable pulse width from 10 nanoseconds up to 1 microsecond. Their is an integrated pulse generator. These fiber lasers are an excellent choice for applications at the 1 micron wavelength that require an emission with high pulse peak power. They are available in a standard table top version and also in a 1U high rack-mount version. These sources are turn-key microprocessor controlled lasers that are equipped with safety alarms, a BNC interlock and multiple status indicators. An integrated RS232 computer interface with LabView drivers provides easy control and fast data acquisition. Available options include single frequency operation and linearly polarized operation. Please request the connector interface you require.

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