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型番: メーカー:Xiton Photonics GmbH  商品コード:L002697

Q-Switched Laser, Nanosecond, 193nm, 1µJ

波長: 193nm-193nm
テクノロジー: Q-Switched Laser

Q-Switched laser from Xiton Photonics is a diode pumped laser with TEM00 Beam Profile. The laser was designed for applications in 193nm metrology, Spectrometer calibration, Interferometry and Injection seeding of Excimer lasers. The Q-Switch laser features include Sealed housing, Slot mounted laser diode, Maintenance-free thermo-electrical heat management, and optional Integrated Spectrometer for
online wavelength control. Power supply is designed to be integrated into 19"-rack with integrated chiller. Nanosecond laser pulse duration is less then 10ns with pulse-to-pulse fluctuations less then 3% with a pulse repetition interval of 6kHz. System can be controlled by a remote computer and includes LabVIEW drivers. Q-Switch laser with 193nm and output energy up to 1µJ.

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