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型番:8000、8010、8020、8030、8050 メーカー:Amplitude Laser Inc. 商品コード:L002494

High Energy Nd:YAG Laser:Powerlite DLS 8000

波長: 266nm-1064nm
エネルギー: 30mJ-1650mJ
テクノロジー: Nd:YAG Laser
ビーム径: 7 mm、9 mm
拡がり角: 0.45 mrad、0.5 mrad

The Powerlite Series of high energy YAG lasers is known for its beam quality, reliability, and ease of use. The New DLS (Digital Laser Source) Series remains consistent with the Amplitude approach to laser design, keeping the features that have made it so popular, and adding new capabilities to enhance its performance and utility. The DLS power supply is compact and quiet, taking up half the space of the one it replaces. The components are modular and rack mounted to simplify maintenance and service. It uses distributed intelligence, with microprocessors in both the laser head and power supply. Communications from the head to the supply are digital and much more reliable than TTL and analog inputs. A new cooling group with active digital control has been added for more accurate monitoring of pump chamber temperatures. Better water management to the laser head lowers pump chamber operating temperatures for improved performance and reliability.

The complete control of all functionality is made possible through a digital interface, thus eliminating the need for knobs or switches.

A powerful Windows®-based Graphical User Interface is standard for all Powerlite DLS systems. An optional touch screen remote control is available, as are LabView drivers.

< Key Features >
・Distributed intelligence power supply architecture.
・Rack mounted and modular components for easier maintenance and service
・New cooling group with active digital control for acurate temperature monitoring and improved thermal management
・LabView drivers available
・HEO for maximum 532 nm output

< Applications >
Material sorting (recycling)
Weld inspection

Thomson Scattering
Laser Thermal Annealing
Pump Source

Skin Surfacing
Tattoo Removal
Pump Source
Medical device manufacturing

< Specifications >
Energy (mJ):
1064 nm 1200
532 nm 600 [Using Type II doubler]
532 HEO 800
355 nm 310 [Using Type I doubler]
266 nm 120

1064 nm 1650
532 nm 800 [Using Type II doubler]
532 HEO 1100
355 nm 450 [Using Type I doubler]
266 nm 150

1064 nm 1200
532 nm 550 [Using Type II doubler]
532 HEO 780
355 nm 300 [Using Type I doubler]
266 nm 80

1064 nm 650
532 nm 300 [Using Type II doubler]
532 HEO 420
355 nm 150 [Using Type I doubler]
266 nm 50

1064 nm 550
532 nm 210 [Using Type II doubler]
532 HEO 360
355 nm 95 [Using Type I doubler]
266 nm 30

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