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型番: メーカー:Spectra-Physics 商品コード:L002444

Nanosecond Laser, 355nm, 300µJ

波長: 355nm-355nm

Spectra-Physics nanosecond laser features technology that allows for constant pulse width over wide range of pulse repetition frequencies, variable pulse width, pulse shaping, and pulse splitting and burst mode operation. For fast processing the nanosecond laser features high pulse repetition rate from 0 to 3.5MHz with pulse duration of 10ns. Spectra-Physics laser features data-logging for critical performance monitoring and diagnostics. Industrial design is robust and reliable for OEM tools. Output power is greater then 60 watts from 200kHz to 300kHz with a pulse duration of 10ns. Nanosecond laser output is 355nm with output energy up to 300µJ.

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