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型番:FLC370-1 メーカー:Frankfurt Laser Co. 商品コード:L000001

375nm Laser Diode, Single Mode Output, 70mW of Optical Output Power

メーカー希望小売価格: Request Price 波長: 375nm-375nm
出力: 70mW-70mW
パッケージ: TO-Can
テクノロジー: Single Mode

Product Overview:
The FVLD-375 is a single mode laser diode with up to 70mW of CW output power at 375nm. It is supplied in a 5.6mm TO can with an integrated monitor photodiode and an integrated zener diode. The laser diode is suitable for use in wide range of research applications and is also used in medical and commercial laser applications.
These devices offer an integrated zener diode which is built-in as a protection circuit against static electricity ESD. They offer highly reliable operation with a long lifetime and mean time to failure under typical CW conditions when operated within specifications.
These devices produce a violet color laser emission and are used in emerging display applications. They offer a low threshold current level at 50 milliamps and a relatively low voltage requirement of 5.4 volts to reach their designed operational output power level. They are offered in a standard 5.6 millimeter TO-Can package which is hermetically sealed with a window output.
Frankfurt Laser Company has been an industry leading provider of a wide range of laser diodes for several decades. They offer a large selection of single mode, multimode, broad area, DFB, DBR, grating stabilized, QCL and other laser diodes covering the entire spectrum.
Please note that these 375nm diode lasers are classified in Class 3B of IEC60825-1 safety regulations and standards. Accordingly, all necessary safety measures and precautions should be taken when operating these devices including eye and skin safety measures.

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